Whole30 Day 30 +slower cooker freezer meals

So I never did get around to writing about day 30.  We did manage to make it to the end and I forget what I had for breakfast and lunch that day. I’m sure breakfast was eggs and smoothie as always :).  Dinner was one of my favorites that night though.  I made tropical turkey meatloaf  and it was delicious.  The recipe is actually tropical chicken meatloaf, but I used ground turkey instead.  I do that alot with ground meat (just use whatever I have). I was a little worried that it was going to be too sweet, but the jalapeno pepper and the bell peppers really evened out the flavor and it was very good.  Zach ended up losing 20 pounds and I lost 8.  I am so proud of us for accomplishing the goal and I feel good about continuing to eat healthy.  We have definitely indulged over the past week (two birthday celebrations has not helped), but overall we have pretty much still stayed on plan.  My running is going great and i am consistently running 3 miles and working now on reducing my time.

I posted on facebook about making 20 slower cooker meals so I wanted to talk a little bit about that because I had lots of people interested in it.  I used this website for everything.  Recipes, instructions, shopping guide, etc.  She said she was able to assemble everything in an hour and 50 minutes, but I found it harder than that.  Part of it could be the fact that I have a 3 month old and I work from home so I was not able to just work for 2 hours straight.  What i do HIGHLY recommend if you want to do this is to buy the $5 plan she has for sale.  It was well worth the instructions on how to assemble it all and to do certain tasks in certain orders. It did save me a ton of time in the long run. I’m not going to share that because I feel $5 is pretty cheap for the service she offered and she asked that it not be shared between people.  She has another printable available for $1.50, but all it includes is the recipes and a grocery shopping list.  The $5 package is what includes the assembly instructions.  You also get links to watch her do the entire process in under 2 hours.  I didn’t watch that, but if you are a visual person than that is nice.  A few things to note:

  • Costco did not have sweet potatoes for sale so I had to buy those at Sprouts
  • Her price breakdown said the pork chops and the stew meet were going to be $15 but they were actually $20+.  I looked all around but couldn’t find any for the price she listed.
  • Her recipes only called for 10 of the 15 pounds of potatoes, but I ended up just cutting them all up.  We like potatoes and I know we will definitely eat them.  Plus, those potatoes will just go bad if I didn’t use them.
  • ^^Same is true for the onions.  I ended up cutting up 8 onions instead of 5.
  • Instead of the curry chicken I used the recipe for maple chicken.  Basically all I did was pour maple syrup in the bag instead of coconut milk and curry powder
  • Go sparingly on the carrots.  I did two heaping cup fulls for each recipe and I ran out on the last one.  Luckily, I had a small bag of carrots in the fridge that I could use.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.  All of the recipes look delicious, but I think my favorites are going to be the sausage, peppers, and onions and the chicken and sausage stew.

Tropical Turkey Meatloaf:

photo 1



All of my meals assembled and ready to freeze:

photo 2


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