Whole30 Day 29

Day 29 woot woot!! Yesterday was CUH-razy busy.  We were at home for just a couple of hours total between when we left for the morning and came back for the evening, but it was a fabulous day.  We had church so we got up early for that.  We teach in the college group and all the kids are starting to flood Denton again so we’re getting excited about that :).  We had our standard eggs and smoothies for breakfast.  After church we had leadership training for college group led by our fearless leader Austin. It was at 1:30 and there was no child care (which I didn’t realize until last minute) so our AMAZING friends Matt and Shannon stepped in and came to the house to watch Kai and I took Maddox with me to the meeting.  Anyways, we rushed home after church and ate a quick lunch (I’m losing my mind because I don’t even remember what we ate haha).  We have just been cleaning out the fridge so it’s really been a hodgepodge of things.  Our meeting went a little longer then expected, but our other AMAZING friends Susan and Ben had us over for dinner so I didn’t have to cook that day, yay!  We came home and chatted a bit with Matt and Shannon and then got ready to head over to Susan and Ben’s.  Susan made a very delicious dinner.  She fried chicken thighs and made a superb mushroom sauce to go with it.  She also roasted potatoes and made asparagus.  Kai loved all of it and gobbled it right up.  Yesterday just made me feel so blessed by the friends we have in our lives.  Life is so much better and easier with awesome friends.

As I sit here and write this I am at the end of day 30.  I really want to just finish it up today, but I want to keep my posts separate so you’ll have to wait with baited breath…..was I able to make it 30 days?


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