Whole30 Day 28

Today was our last big shopping day before whole 30 has ended. I will still continue to shop at Sprouts even after this is over. It has truly become my favorite grocery again. I don’t really know why I ever stopped going in the first place.

I was able to get up and run in the morning because Zach didn’t have to be up to the football office until 8.  I ran 2.5 miles and I definitely could have done 3 if I had enough time, but he was needing to head out the door so I had to stop.  For lunch we were just trying to clean out the fridge.  I had the last of the chicken thighs and a half of a baked potato and Zach had the last of the chicken sausages and the other half of the baked potato.  As soon as the kiddos got up from naps (Maddox slept 2.5 hours by the way, oh yeah!!) we headed out to go grocery shopping.  We went and looked at the new Ford Explorers because we are thinking about getting a new car so that made it pretty late by the time we actually got to Sprouts.  I didn’t really have anything thawed at home so we looked in their meat section and they had lemon garlic chicken kabobs.  I asked the guy what was in the marinade and he brought out this giant bottle of marinade and started reading off the ingredients very loudly.  He was about as happy as the cafeteria worker was when Josie Geller asked what was in the coleslaw on Never Been kissed (I was trying to find a clip of this scene, but I couldn’t find one). Once he read off everything that was in it we decided it was whole 30 approved so we brought it home and grilled it for dinner.  I will say that I was a little disappointed in the taste. It was actually pretty bland, but at least it didn’t require much work.  We sliced up some mango for a side and ate the last of the silky zucchini ginger soup as well.

Even though we are officially done with whole 30 on Monday my menu for the week still consisted of pretty much whole 30 foods.  Really the only difference for this week is that I have brown rice planned as a side for one night….living on the wild side haha.


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