Whole30 Day 27

I seriously can’t believe we are almost done. I still struggle with exactly what our life is going to look like after whole 30 is over. We are done on Monday and we went grocery shopping today and all my meals for next are whole 30 except for a side of brown rice one night.  I think we’re really going to just try to keep up with it at home (other than doing more grains for sides) and limit our eating out.

Last night was probably the worst night I have had as far as cravings.  It was a very long, tiring day and at the end I seriously just wanted some ice cream and a coke.  Instead I ate a chicken thigh and some apples and almond butter and it actually hit the spot pretty well.

For breakfast we got up and had eggs and smoothies.  For lunch we had left over hamburgers and portabello mushrooms.  I put a little mayonnaise mixed with the wholly guacamole and it was really good.  Zach had leftover fajitas, and we both had apples as well.  Tonight was the first football scrimmage and several of the coaches wives got together to meet for dinner at Fuzzy’s.  I decided to go and get a salad and brought my own salsa since most salsa’s have sugar in them.  I was pleased to find out when I asked that to cook their fajita grilled chicken they just put spices on it and grill it with steamed water.  The girl behind the counter was so helpful and pleasant about helping me figure out what I could eat.  Zach ended up just eating some chicken thighs and an apple when he got home.  I had put potatoes in the oven and they had been cooking over an hour but still weren’t done.

I’m not going to lie to yall, this last week has been rough and at this point and I am ready to be done with this journey.  I do feel great, but I am looking forward to being able to not have to cook every single night.  That has definitely been one of the hardest challenges of this journey.  I am so grateful for what I have learned and I know we will be so much better for it, but I am also excited for it to be over :).


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