Whole30 Day 23

One week left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, but I’m also scared.  My friend Susan just finished her whole 30 yesterday and today is her first free day. I am pretty jealous.  In all honesty though, I’m not as excited about finishing as I was at the beginning.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am excited to be able to eat some different foods again here soon (especially ice cream), but I’m not just salivating at the thought of getting to eat whatever I want.  I really like the way I have been eating and how I feel and I don’t want to just return to my old ways.  After the first week or so I was thinking constantly about all the different types of food I wanted, but now I don’t think much about it unless I am in a trigger place (up late at night, Saturday night, sunday after church, etc.).

For lunch yesterday I had leftover catfish, brussel sprotus, and pineapple.  Kai wasn’t too into the brussel sprouts, but I gave him a pineapple every time he ate a brussel sprout so he ended up eating them all :).  Poor Zach had to go do football stuff on his lunch and he ended up not being able to eat lunch at all.  The kiddos were napping so by the time I could have brought him some lunch it was getting close to him coming home anyway.  While the kiddos napped I made meatballs for dinner and I also made egg muffins similar to what we made last week.  They stuck to the pan real bad the first time so this time I used cupcake liners and it still didn’t help at all.  Half of the egg mixture stuck to the liner just like it did to the pan.  Next time I’m going to try rubbing olive oil on the pan.  We can’t use spray because of all the weird ingredients in it (mainly soy).  So for dinner we had meatballs with homemade marinara sauce and roasted spaghetti squash.  I forgot to take a picture of it I was so hungry, but it was very pretty.  On the meatballs I didn’t use Dijon mustard because I couldn’t find any that didn’t have sugar so I used Annie’s Organic Horseradish Sauce* instead.  For the marinara, I just used the sauce recipe, not the meatball recipe.  Since it called for the bay leaves at the end after you put the meatballs in I just crushed them up and put it all in a pan together.  It was good except for I did get a few big chunks of bay leaf in my mouth when I was eating my dinner :).  We ate salad for our vegetable.  Zach used some salsa we found at Costco and I used macadamia nut oil and balsamic vinegar.  We also had a little pineapple still left over so we had that as well.

I have really enjoyed all of the cooking I am doing.  I feel like I was a semi-decent cook before whole 30, but this has really helped me to step up my game and I have learned about several new kitchen tools as well (most specifically a julienne peeler and a meat pounder).

*I was not compensated by Annie’s for endorsing their product :).


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