Whole30 Day 22

My energy felt better yesterday morning so I went for a run because both kids were magically still sleeping and Zach was at home since it was Sunday :).  It was definitely a lot easier running without the jogging stroller. My time was still nothing to brag about, but I was more glad that it was easier to complete. Hopefully soon I will be able to break from 2.5 miles into 3 miles.

For breakfast we had breakfast sausage and it was so good.  I do appreciate deviating from the schedule every now and then.  It’s amazing how many sausages out there have sugar added into them.  I have tried making my own and it was good, but walmart does carry a brand that has whole 30 approved ingredients so sometimes it’s nice to get that.  I also had my standard smoothie.  For lunch we had roasted tomato chicken sausages.  Zach just ate his plain and had some fruit to go along with it.  I cut mine up and put in some avocado and mayonnaise and it was good.  I do wonder if something was in the sausage though because Zach and I both had stomach aches that afternoon not too long after we ate lunch.  Nothing too bad so I’m not real concerned.  Dinner was sooo good.  I am so proud of my husband, he thought up the idea all on his own.  He suggested trying fried catfish and making our own tartar sauce.  We found some avocado oil at Costco and it has a very high smoke point so it’s pretty decent to fry in.  I used almond flour to coat the catfish and we fried it up in the avocado oil and it was absolutely delicious.  All of the tartar sauce recipes I found called for sweet relish and I couldn’t find any that didn’t have sugar so we just used pickles instead.  Zach really liked it, but it was too pickly for me.  I would have liked it better with the relish.  I ended up just dipping my catfish in mayonnaise which was completely fine with me.  We also had roasted brussel sprouts and fresh cut pineapple.

Sunday’s have been one of the most challenging days for both of us.  We are so in the habit of going out to eat after church, it’s just something we like to do.  It’s hard passing all the restaurants that we would normally go to as we drive home to eat.  We are almost through though.  One more Sunday left :).


Fried Catfish:

fried catfish

This is the tool I really need in order to help me complete this journey haha:


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