Whole30 Day 21

I got up and ran yesterday morning and it was probably the worst run I have had since I started (other than the first couple of days).  I had to walk after only going a mile and even though I did complete 2 miles it wasn’t much more than walking the last mile.  I do think some of it had to do with the fact that Kai got up early so I took him with me out in the jogging stroller and he is considerably heavier and harder to push than Maddox.  I need to get used to that anyway though because before too long I will have to get used to pushing both of them in the double jogger.

For breakfast I made eggs and smoothies for everyone.  Yesterday was our big shopping trip and we went back to Lewisville to go to Sprouts and Costco.  It was quite an ordeal having Maddox this time around (remember my mother in law kept him last Saturday while we went).  I would really like to switch my shopping day to some time during the week so we don’t have to spend our weekend doing it, but it is SERIOUSLY hard trying to shop with two kids even with Zach. I know I will eventually have to do it on my own, but for right now it just seems too overwhelming.  Also, I hate having to shop on Saturdays.  I have been accustomed to shopping during the week when most people are at work and you don’t have to park across at the back of the lot at Costco because there are no spots.  With that being said, we had a very successful shopping trip.  Costco was hard because usually we would just eat lunch or dinner there (depending on which time it hit best), but since we’re on whole30 that was not an option.  For lunch Zach had left over pork chops from the dinner the night before and I had the last of my chicken salad and the leftover asparagus from dinner.  For dinner I had thawed the steaks that we had left over from dinner a couple weeks ago and they were still absolutely delicious.  I put my homemade mayonnaise on them and it made them even better.  I also heated up the rest of the sweet potatoes I had made from last week and I sautéed some cauliflower in a pan with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  I haven’t had straight up cauliflower in awhile and it was delicious.

We have so much produce right now I have left a lot of it sitting on the cabinet and now we have TERRIBLE fruit flies.  If anyone has any suggestions for how to get rid of them I would appreciate it.  Last night instead of a slice and dice party, we had a fruit fly removal party.  Meaning we cleaned off all the cabinets, cloroxed everything down and put all the produce in the fridge.  Zach also made a vinegar and soap concoction and put a grape in it to attract them and get them stuck.  So far that seems to be working fairly well.  They are seriously driving my crazy though.


One thought on “Whole30 Day 21

  1. Watch out for the toxic stuff in clorox – not a good solution for food.

    This is weird but at whole foods they had venus fly traps – and I got one mostly for fun but it’s AMAZING how the flies have just disappeared. I love that thing. Plus it’s cool looking. I bet the boys would love it!


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