Whole30 Day 20

Wow, Day 20. We are 2/3 done.  It’s hard to believe we only have 10 days left. It’s hard thinking about what I’m going to do when this journey is done.  I struggle with what I really want to have gotten out of this overall.  I know that I will not be going strictly paleo (although our food will definitely look more paleo, especially at home), but at the same time I do not want to just go right back to how I was eating beforehand.  Zach and I talk a lot about what we want our meals and diet to look like when we are done with this. I will keep you updated as the time draws nearer and how we transition back into the world of “fake” food haha.

I had in person professional development again and for breakfast I had delicious egg muffins that Zach made the night before.  He took the left over ground turkey that we used with the taco seasoning to make salad and put that with eggs, and salsa into scrambled eggs and poured them in a muffin tin.  They went into the fridge and were super easy to pop into the microwave and have before I headed out the door.  I also had my standard smoothie as well.  I brought my own lunch again today.  I brought the leftovers of the Mexican salad from the night before as well as carrots and babaganoush, apples, and some spaghetti squash I cooked at the beginning of the week.  For dinner we had pork chops (just your basic grilled pork chops with fajita seasoning), spaghetti squash with clarified butter, salt, and pepper, and asparagus.  It’s so funny because Kai loves asparagus so much.  It’s not a food I would consider “kid friendly”, but the child sucks it down like it’s candy.  His biggest problem is he chews it once or twice and then swallows it whole.  As you can imagine, his digestive system does not like that he does not chew it up ;).

I didn’t go running last night because I am just exhausted from two days worth of professional development.  I have been a little frustrated with my running recently anyway.  I was hoping to be feeling much better and recovering quicker, but I’m still having a hard time getting my legs to cooperate.  My lungs could definitely do more, but my legs scream no.  I have started lifting weights a little bit with Zach the last couple nights and hopefully that will help to strengthen my legs up a little bit which will help with my running.  I’ll keep you posted.



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