Whole30 Day 19

Yesterday I had to go to Lewisville for an in person professional development for my job.  I work form home at an online high school, but 4 days a year (two at the beginning of the school year and two in January) we all get together at headquarters.  It’s nice because I only live about 20 minutes away.  We have teachers from all over the state of Texas who have to make the trek to Lewisville.  We met for breakfast at Taco Cabana and I debated back and forth for a long time about whether I should just eat before I go or if I should try and get something there.  I ended up making a smoothie before I headed out and then I had the steak & egg plate there.  It was nice because I stood there and watched them cook my food.  I said no oil or butter on the eggs so she just dumped them right on the skillet and the steak was cooked right there on the grill with a little seasoning on it.  It was pretty good and definitely filled me up.  The hardest part was that it came with refried beans and tortillas as well so I had to just make sure and not eat those and I threw the plate away right when I was done.  They also served us lunch, but I know from experience that it was probably not going to be whole 30 friendly so I just decided to bring my lunch.  They ended up serving freebirds burritos so I was glad I opted to bring my own lunch.  I brought my chicken salad (grapes, canned chicken, walnuts, mayonnaise and mustard), carrots with the smoky babagonoush I made the day before, and apples and almond butter. I’m actually not a huge fan of freebirds so I didn’t feel deprived at all.  After professional development was over I came home real quick and picked up the boys from my mother in law and we went right over to the coaches wives get together that the new head coaches wife hosted.  It was fun, but hard again because there was tons of pizza, desserts, and a delicious looking cookie cake (I LOVE cookie cakes).  I just focused on talking and enjoying the company of the other wives instead of making it all about the food. It was a lot of fun. When Zach got home from work he browned the ground meat and put some taco seasoning on it and we had taco salad (without chips or tortillas) for dinner as soon as I got home with the boys.  I was going to cut up a papaya but it had already gone bad from buying it just a few days ago :(.  I was definitely bummed about that.


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 19

    • Yes Pam. It takes 30 days to cleanse your body of all the foods that you might have sensitivities too. After this is over we will start introducing different types of foods slowly to see how our bodies react to them, that way we know the foods we should avoid and the foods that are ok for us to eat :).


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