Whole30 Day 17

Yesterday was crazy hectic. Zach got rear-ended about a month and a half ago (of course the lady didn’t have insurance, go figure) and Ford has just now been able to get us in. His great aunt has a GMC Terrain that we can drive instead of having to get a rental, but it wasn’t working.  So most of the day was spent trying to get the car fixed, and then one of the coaches wives called and asked if me and boys wanted to come swimming (which of course we did). It’s times like these that I really appreciate having all my go-to food in the fridge already made.  She made lunch for her and the other wife and kids that came over, but I brought my own lunch since almost everything out there is not whole 30 approved.  I actually made a pretty good dip that consisted of avacados, mayonnaise, garlic salt, and a little squeeze of fresh lime.  It was really good and I ate with carrots.  I also had some cut up apples and some chicken salad. We didn’t end up swimming because Kai was having a good time coloring on the ground with chalk, so  I’m going to stop talking about what I have for breakfast.  If I don’t say what it is you can just assume it is the standard eggs and smoothie :).  For dinner my friend Susan brought us dinner since we brought dinner to them last night.  It was so delicious.  She grilled some steak, sliced up potatoes and we ate it with a spinach salad and the most delicious lemon dressing (she is going to give me the recipe here soon).  Meal sharing is such a good idea.  It would be nice to continue to do it some even after whole 30 is over.  We got an excellent meal and we didn’t have to cook or clean anything up at all.

I ended the day with a run and I am really starting to feel better when I go.  I went almost 2.5 miles, and I probably could have gone farther but Maddox was falling asleep and I didn’t want him to not go to bed on time so I went ahead and stopped.  I’m still pretty slow.  I am trying to work my way up to being able to go 3-4 miles and then from there I am going to work on getting my time down.




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