Whole30 Day 16

We are on the downward part of the slide and it feels so good!  I have had a lot of people ask me if we are going to continue to eat this way forever after whole 30 is over. My answer is yes…and no.  I absolutely think it is doable to pretty much eat this way most of the time, but that is probably not in the cards for us.  This journey has been amazing and we are healthier for having done it.  It will help us in our health after we are done with whole 30 too.  What I hope to continue doing for our family is cooking a lot more at home and trying to stick with what we are currently doing there.  For us, it really is unrealistic to say we are not going to eat out anymore and that we are not going to eat the foods when we go to any type of gathering.  Some people could probably do it, but not us.  The whole reason I wanted to start doing whole 30 was to get back to cooking in the kitchen and hopefully jump start my weight loss and exercise.  I can say that all of these things are currently being accomplished.  I am running more, cooking more, and feel so much more healthy.  I haven’t weighed myself, but I know I have lost some weight too.

For breakfast yesterday we had our standard scrambled eggs and smoothies.  Zach has to be up at the field house now at 5:45 since football is officially back into full swing.  Because of that I have been making the smoothies at night and putting them in the fridge.  I love this because it is one less thing for me to have to do in the morning, but I also don’t love it because when it sits in the fridge overnight the spinach has more of a chance to permeate all the other ingredients and so the smoothie has a more spinach taste than if I just make it in the morning.  For lunch I had chicken salad on a bed of greens and curried broccoli soup.  For dinner me and my friend Susan are doing a meal share this week.  I made a double batch of what we were having for dinner last night and brought it to her and today she is making a double batch and bringing it to me.  Yay for having a day completely free of meal prep and massive clean up.  For dinner last night I made hamburgers sautéed with onions and mushrooms and then I made a grain free gravy out of cauliflower.  It was a little sweeter than gravy, but I liked it.  Zach wasn’t a huge fan of it.  I think it tasted better if you thought of it more as a sauce than as a gravy because it really didn’t have that super gravy taste to it.  The recipe can be found here: http://empoweredsustenance.com/creamy-gaps-gravy/.  I think if I do this again I will try this recipe for gravy: http://brittanyangell.com/worlds-best-paleo-gravy-glutengrain-free/ and make sure to use clarified butter instead of regular butter.  I also made mashed potatoes and sautéed green beans.  Overall I think the meal was delicious.  I was excited about the burgers because we have a press that makes perfect patties.  I actually got it to work perfectly this time so that is always exciting.


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