Whole30 Day 14

We went to do our weekly grocery shopping yesterday and we decided to go to Flower Mound to go to Sprouts. I have forgotten how much I LOVE Sprouts.  They are truly one of the most amazing grocery stores.  I think I will start making the drive out there weekly for two reasons: 1. I can get everything I need at this one store.  I don’t buy all organic produce (just certain things) and so normally I have to go to walmart and natural grocers both.  Add a Sam’s trip once every couple weeks and that is THREE grocery stores to go to in one trip. Not fun.  2. It’s cheaper.  I write this as my second reason, because really the first reason is enough for me to make the trip. I possibly break even with what it takes in gas to get out there, but for me it is well worth the trip.

My mother in law is going to be watching both boys by herself all day on Thursday and Friday while I go to Lewisville for professional development and she wanted a smaller dose of time alone with Maddox before she jumps in on Thursday so we were able to go to the grocery store with just Kai while she watched him.  It’s amazing because before Maddox it seemed like a chore to bring Kai, but now it was a nice little vacation only going to the grocery store with one kid.  Oh how perspective changes things.

For breakfast we had our standard scrambled eggs and smoothies.  One reason that this diet is somewhat easy for me is because I really don’t mind eating the same foods all the time.  I like to vary it up a little bit occasionally, but for the most part when I find something I enjoy I don’t mind eating it a lot for a long time.  For lunch we had a hodgepodge of things.  The refrigerator was almost empty so we just kind of ate what was left.  A chicken thigh, some Italian pork roast, zucchini, some fruit, etc.  For dinner I had some baked potatoes and broccoli left in the fridge so I just heated that up and then I made some salmon patties.  My mom used to make salmon patties for us when we were little and I loved them so much.  She put crackers in them, but the recipe can actually be made without the crackers.  You just take a can of salmon (I debone it although technically you can crush them up and eat them….gross) and 3 eggs (scramble them first) and mix them together with a little garlic salt.  Heat some olive oil in a pan and fry them up.  The only down side to whole 30 is that I couldn’t eat them with ketchup.  There is a recipe for whole 30 ketchup but I haven’t tried making it yet.

Ok, so I did want to talk a little bit about the expense of changing our eating has been.  I have had several people ask me about the expense and so I thought it might be easier just to address it here.  For us, we didn’t see a HUGE jump in our grocery bill because we were mainly eating organic whole foods at home even before we started this diet.  So for us, we have seen an increase in our bill but not just a ton.  We don’t eat out at all so that saves us money, although really eating this way at home sometimes is just as expensive as eating out.  We can’t have the one dollar box of spaghetti and three dollar jar of pasta for dinner anymore.  We can’t do beans so that is also out as far as a cheap dinner.  Yesterday at Sprouts for Zach and I and Kai to eat for the week (not including meat), we spent $178.  Add meat to that and you are probably looking at more like $215-$230.  Now we do probably eat more than the average family, that is just how we roll :).  Also, you can definitely save money if you don’t buy organic and grass fed.  We don’t buy grass fed beef, it’s just too expensive us for us. I’m not that crunchy.  Like I said earlier, we do buy some things organic.  Mainly the things that are the dirty dozen list (potatoes, salads, apples, kale, berries, peaches).  I also buy organic butter (I get pasture fed when it’s in season) and cage free eggs.  I’m in the process of looking for a farmer to buy fresh cage free eggs from but have not really found one yet (I haven’t looked too terribly hard). With all of that being said, it is more important to eat whole foods then it is to eat organic.  If you currently don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and you do a lot of highly processed food, I would suggest you just start buying regular whole food rather than jumping straight to organic stuff.

We ended the day with another slicing and dicing party while watching a movie and I was also able to get a few things cooked so as not to overload my refrigerator all at one time like I did last week.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow about my cooking day today.


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