Whole30 Day 13

Yesterday was awesome!  It started the night before when Zach told me that their head coach had given them the day off, yay :)!!  Kai decided to get up at 7:30 (normally he has been getting up around 9), so I got to go get my run in early with him before Maddox got up.  We had the rest of the breakfast sausage I made yesterday and smoothies for breakfast.  For lunch I had the last of the chicken salad on lettuce wraps and Zach had the rest of the chicken sausages and some fruit.  My parents took the train in to Fort Worth from Oklahoma so we drove up after the boys took naps to hang out with them and eat dinner. I was definitely nervous about being able to stay on track and also eat out.  We haven’t ate out at all since we started this journey.  It was a lovely evening and we walked from the hotel down to a place called Riscky’s Barbecue.  I had a steak cooked just with the seasoning and a plain baked potato.  The steak was absolutely delicious, I haven’t had one that good in a long time! It was so nice to be able to hang out and visit with my parents.  We don’t get to see them near as often as I would like so this was a nice surprise.  Kai had a great time with them as well and Aunt Nene (my sister Annie) gave him a piggy back ride and he loved it. I have put the picture in so you can all see it, he is so cute! We had a scare not long after we got there because I saw an article basically telling everyone not to drive 35W to or from Fort Worth because they were completely shutting the highway down on both sides at 9 and will keep it closed until Monday.  We were able to eat dinner and leave by 8:15 and made it through where they are shutting it down around 845.

I have had quite a few people contact me and ask about the diet.  The biggest question I have gotten is how it has affected our budget and how expensive it is to do.  I will talk about this tomorrow for anybody who is interested.


annie and kai


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