Whole30 Day 12

We are nearing closer and closer to the halfway point. Yesterday was a much better day. I woke up having a lot more energy to start off the day.  For breakfast I made breakfast sausage and a smoothie (strawberry/blueberry/blackberry blend, banana, cherry juice, coconut oil).  The boys and I then went to help my friend Shannon set up her elementary classroom.  We ended up more just keeping her company than actually helping :). Kai enjoyed throwing everything away and breaking her ruler, oops!  For lunch I had chicken salad on lettuce wraps. This has become one of my most favorite lunches.  It has everything in it that I need and it is absolutely delicious. For dinner we had leftover Italian pork roast (that recipe seriously made TONS of meat).  I mixed it with avocado and salsa which is something that I have really enjoyed doing with a lot of my meats.  I also stir-fried zucchini that I had steam/sautéed earlier and shared a sweet potato with Kai.  I had book club tonight with my friend Susan who is also doing Whole30 (we read the book ‘7’ by Jen Hatmaker which was soo good, I would definitely recommend it).  Of course there was food there, but it was actually not that hard just saying no.  The hostess even had fruit there but I didn’t even eat that.  I am really trying to focus on relationships at social events rather than food. The biggest challenge was probably the very end when they brought out two huge birthday cakes because it was the hostesses birthday yesterday. They looked so yummy and it really made the sugar dragon rear it’s ugly head again.  I really struggled on the way home too because I wanted a shake from sonic so bad. Oh sugar dragon, you have been conquered again!! Today we are going to meet my parents in Fort Worth and will probably eat dinner out so hopefully we are able to make good choices. This is the first time we have ate out since starting whole30.


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