Whole30 Day 8

What a day! Whew. We got up and went to church and came home to let the boys nap and get cooking for the week before we had to head over to a birthday party. For breakfast we had eggs and smoothies. That seems to be a pretty standard breakfast, but that is also pretty much what we ate before Whole30 anyway so nothing much there has changed.

I just can’t help but feeling impressed with Zach and I.  We got everything all sliced and diced yesterday and we spent 2 hours in the kitchen today and made: chicken thighs, Mexican ground beef, ribs, Moroccan meatballs, steak, cashew soup, spaghetti squash, roasted sweet potatoes, baked russet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, and chicken salad. We were like a well oiled machine. It was extremely helpful that I was able to get both boys napping at the same time so we could devote all of our attention to getting it all done.

We ate lunch (Italian pork roast on salad with yummy homemade tomatillo salsa that Zach made) while we cooked and then we got our swim stuff on and headed over to the party. It worked out perfectly just like I had hoped.  We got there and they were cleaning up from eating lunch so most of the food was already put away and everyone was swimming.

For dinner we definitely splurged tonoight. We bought steaks at Sam’s and grilled them. They were soooo delicious. Nothing really tops a good steak.

So, perfect day……until the refrigerator.  I noticed as I was making dinner that our refrigerator did not seem to be cooling.  Zach checked and also wasn’t sure.  It was kind of cold, but most everything in there was just luke warm.  We waited until after dinner and checked again and it was still the same way.  Since we had just done ALL of this cooking I was panicking to figure out what to do with all of this food that we just cooked. I can 100% tell you I would have gone to Whataburger and bought a hamburger and fries tomorrow if all of that food I just cooked went to waste. Just being real here.  Anyways, HUGE blessing in the fact that my in laws are currently selling their house and the refrigerator at their house was completely empty.  So we packed up our entire fridge and brought it over to their house.  They only live about 4 minutes away so it shouldn’t be extremely convenient for the time being until we can figure out what happened.

I’m excited for the week to start and to see how everything goes now that Zach is back to work and I am by myself with the boys. Maddox turned 2 months today so that means I have had exactly 2 months of constant help.

Here is my fridge before we figured out it wasn’t cooling. I am pretty impressed with the fact that other than a few sauces in the door our refrigerator is completely processed food free:

fridge 2

Here is our dinner tonight (the yellow stuff is roasted spaghetti squash with a little salt, pepper, and ghee), yum yum:



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