Whole30 Day 7

Yay for the end of a week! Only 3 weeks +2 days left to go. I can already tell that when this is over yes, I will go back to eating some sweets and grains (maybe dairy? I don’t know about that one), but the way I am looking at food is already changing.  Even before we started the whole30 diet we were pretty good about eating whole foods.  We had already cut out most of the processed junk when cooking at home and we don’t keep a lot of processed snacks around the house.  Our biggest problem is going out to eat.  We like to go out to eat and any excuse to not have to cook I will always take.  It’s so relaxing to not have to cook or clean up the kitchen.  Even though this will remain true I hope I continue to stay committed to cooking more than I was previously.

Today overall was  a great day. I got up this morning after I fed Maddox and went for a run.  I haven’t ran in the morning in a long time and I forgot how much I love it.  Nobody is really out yet and it feels like it’s just me and God. I find it so easy to pray during those runs (when I don’t feel like I’m about to die that is :)). When I got back I made scrambled eggs and smoothies for breakfast.  We went to the denton community market and I got to buy quite a bit of local produce that I needed for meals this week and it was very cost friendly.  We came home and had leftover Italian pork roast and green beans for lunch.  For dinner we had “chicken strips” made with almond flour and they were quite tasty.  We just sliced up boneless chicken breasts and put some egg and then dredged them in almond flour that had salt and pepper in it.  I also roasted some cabbage and microwaved an acorn squash.

Tonight Zach and I had a slicing and dicing party.  We put on a movie after the boys went to sleep and we cut up all of the vegetables that I will be needing for my cooking day tomorrow.  Yall, my husband is the most amazing person ever. I told him about the slicing and dicing party I wanted to have and he just asked for a knife and a cutting board and went to work.  Now I’m all ready to get my cooking on tomorrow!

We do have a birthday party to go to for one of the coach’s daughters that Zach works with.  It will be fun, but of course there will be food that we can’t eat.  We plan on just coming home and letting the boys nap and eating lunch before we go.  By that point the party should be going and people should be swimming so we can just jump in the pool and bypass all the enticing food.


Here is Zach working hard to slice and dice everything:

dicing vegetables


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