Whole30 Day 6

Almost to a week! We are 1/5 done yay! Things continue to go pretty well.  Today was about the same as yesterday. I felt pretty good, didn’t have any huge cravings.  I did crave Sprite a few times today which I haven’t really craved that at all since we started.  I got a couple of good recipes to try out for next week.  My friend Susan and I are going to double one of our recipes and share this coming week since we’re both doing whole30 and that is one less meal to try to come up with.  Yay for friends to help lighten the load.

I’m excited about my next big cooking day coming up.  I’m headed to the Denton Community Market to try to find some fresh, local produce and then will go to Sam’s, Walmart, and Natural Grocers to get the rest of my stuff.  I’m hoping to find most of what I need at the market.  We are going to a birthday party on Sunday, but it’s at 1 so we will probably just eat lunch real quick at home after church and then head over and enjoy some pool time and fellowship. After that I plan on cooking up as much as I can for the week.  Zach goes back to work next week and I will be flying solo with the boys so I know the more preparation I can do in advance the better chance I have of succeeding.

For breakfast I had left over turkey sausage from a couple of days ago along with a smoothie. Lunch was chicken salad again (canned chicken, grapes, homemade mayo, mustard, and walnuts) and small salad with avocado, macadamia nut oil, and balsamic vinegar.  Dinner was definitely the star of the show.  I made an Italian pork roast that was fall off the bone tender.  Seriously, look at the picture below. I literally pulled the bone out of the crockpot clean as a whistle.  It made SO much meat that we have plenty for lunch the next couple of days as well as dinner again next week. I also made mashed potatoes with clarified butter and coconut milk and they were really good and our vegetable was green beans.

I’m not holding my breath just yet that it will continue or that it is part of the diet, but the last two nights Zach has not snored at all! He isn’t really a huge snorer unless he is lying on his back, but when I got up to feed Maddox I looked over and saw he was lying flat on his back and wasn’t snoring! Yay for seeing noticeable positives.  I can also tell that I am feeling so much better.  I have been running every day and the last two days I have “ran” 2 miles.  I say “ran” because it is more like plodding as I shuffle one foot under the other.  My shuffling is so bad that I almost tripped when I went over the small bumps in the sidewalk haha.

Biggest Challenge of the Day: My craving for sprite was probably the biggest challenge.  I went and drank some water and it went away for the most part after that.  Sometimes I know I’m just thirsty and water will satisfy me, but I want pop instead.

I’m excited for week 2 to start :)!!

Here is the recipe for the Italian pork roast pictured below: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/10/16/slow-cooker-italian-pork-roast/

bone italina pork roast


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