Whole30 Day 4

Today has probably been the hardest for me so far on whole30. I ran my mouth too soon and now I am paying for it.  I was telling Zach this morning how I haven’t really been having that hard of a time with it and now I am paying for it.  I have had a pretty bad headache today (this could possibly be from the fact that I got my braces tightened yesterday), I have felt hungry most of the day (even though I am constantly eating it seems like), and I am very tired (partly because I have an 8 week old who is still up every few hours during the night, and then add a diet change).  I get a daily email from the people who run the diet and they said this is a very common adjustment period.  My friend Susan who is also doing this said she went through the same thing and she is feeling so much better now that her and her husband are on day 10.

Ok, enough negativity.  Let’s talk positives.  One thing I am really loving about this diet and the website I found is that I have had almost all of my food cooked in just a couple days and so most of the time dinner is very quick and very low prep.  Today for breakfast I had homemade sausage made with ground turkey and a smoothie.  For lunch I had chicken salad made with chunk chicken, grapes, walnuts, and homemade mayonnaise.  Yes, I made my own mayonnaise!  It was delicious and the process was very cool.  Basically you put an egg, lemon juice, a little olive oil, dry mustard, and salt in a blender.  Let it beat for a bit and then you pour a cup of olive oil VERY slowly and it chemically reacts and turns into mayonnaise.  I used macadamia oil and it really gave it a unique flavor. For dinner we had baked chicken thighs, broccoli, and potatoes with clarified butter (ghee) and salt.  The other thing that is awesome about having most of my meals cooked in advance is that it also makes for very easy clean up in the kitchen.  It’s really just putting up the dishes that the food was stored in and the dishes that we ate off of.

Biggest Challenge of the Day:  Kai is not doing this diet with us completely, of course.  I still let him have his triscuits and pretzels for snack and yes, he did have a hot dog this morning for breakfast because he was starving and Zach was gone and I had one hand to make breakfast because I was carrying Maddox.  Anyways, since he still has his normal snack foods I have found it’s hard to make sure I don’t take a bite of his food blindly.  First, he loves to try to put the pretzel in my mouth when he is eating it and also sometimes he drops the food and usually I just pick it up and eat it (gross? maybe….).   This evening he dropped a pretzel on the chair outside and I picked it up and bit off a piece.  I immediately spit it out like it was poison so I think I’m ok and don’t need to start over on Day 1.

I had someone ask for me to post the links for the recipes.  So if you are interested here is the link for the mayonnaise: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/06/03/the-secret-to-homemade-mayo-patience/.  Also, here is the link for the silky zucchini soup we have been eating as a side for lunch on some days: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/



2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 4

  1. Congratulations on tackling the Whole30! I’m doing one right now, too. We just moved to Vermont from Austin, TX, and after the mayhem of moving, it was time to clean up my act again. Best wishes for an awesome month!


    • Thank you so much!! I love your blog and have been using it solely for getting me and my husband through the first week and I have told so many people about it! Best of luck in Vermont. We actually live just a few hours north of Austin in Denton, TX.


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