Whole30 Day 2

It’s the end of day 2 and I am hungry! Seriously, I’m racking my brain trying to decide what I should eat because my stomach is growling yet I feel like I have ate a ton today.  My metabolism has really kicked into gear and my body is really craving all the old junk I was eating (and drinking).

For breakfast I still just had eggs and a smoothie.  Lunch was delicious with grilled chicken salad with avocado and this amazing salsa we bought at Trader Joe’s, a kiwi, and a side of silky zucchini soup that was very good!  For dinner Zach made Asian lettuce wraps and we used coconut aminos as the sauce.  I just have to take a second and say I appreciate this diet for some of the new foods it is introducing me too.  I had never even heard of coconut aminos until this diet, but it is a coconut based, soy free, soy sauce and I actually like it better than soy sauce.  The lettuce wraps were really good (we used ground beef/ground turkey combo, carrots, onions, water chestnuts, and garlic) and we also had a sweet potato.  For a snack during the day I had an apple with a little bit of almond butter and as a night snack I had a baked chicken thigh and a plum haha.

I went on my first run today in over a year and went a whole 1.1 miles.  It’s hard for me to write that down because ever since I lost all my weigh on weight watchers I have been an excellent runner and could easily just go run 3 miles at the minimum if I wanted to. I know I shouldn’t be too hard on myself considering I just had a baby, but it’s hard to get rid of that mindset.

Biggest Challenge of the Day:  There were actually two biggest challenges today.  The first challenge is that it has been almost impossible to find a stupid spaghetti squash.  The only two I have found have been at organic grocery stores and they charge like $3 a pound for them and I refuse to be $15-$18 for a spaghettis squash.  Those suckers are heavy! Walmart had a place for them and the sign said $1.38/pound, but of course being walmart they were completely sold out.  The second challenge was going to walmart this evening.  We didn’t end up making it out of the house until after dinner to go get the last of my groceries to finish up the cooking for the week and walmart at night is a HUGE trigger time for me.  I wanted everything I laid eyes on right down to the ice cream in the freezer section and the sprite right next to the register.

I’m holding out that these triggers and huge cravings will go away after a time.  Something I’m going to start trying soon is that I have read lots of people say not to get too caught up in when a certain type of food can be eaten.  Lots of your typical breakfast items are out so it basically leaves you with eggs or homemade sausage.  Most of the things I have read suggest eating something else for breakfast, like soup or chicken or dinner from last night.  I’m not tired of eggs or sausage just yet, but if that happens I will definitely give that a go.


4 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 2

  1. Jenna Payne says:

    Sounds like you are doing great Susan. Way to stay determined to stay on the right track sticking to your diet plan. It is hard to resist the bad stuff. We tried a diet that was similar. We really liked toast soaked in almond milk and egg for breakfast. You should try it. I have been wanting to try that spaghetti squash too, but it can get expensive eating right. That’s nice you get go running, staying active. I get short of breath to easy, I’ll just stick with walking.


  2. Knowing you, I’m sure you’ve already looked into this for the spaghetti squash, but I thought I’d pass along anyway just in case.

    Garden Ridge Farmers Market in Lewisville/Flower Mound


    • Thanks! I actually haven’t looked into that. I am going to the denton community farmers market on Saturday to look around, maybe I’ll score one there. I’m not sure they are in season right now though. Miss you friend! We should do lunch again soon. Maybe when this whole 30 thing is over!


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