Day 1

Whew! Day 1 is over and it went pretty good.  I would hope that it would go good considering if day 1 was too hard that would definitely not bode well for the rest of the 30 days.  Day 0 (prep day) did start a bit stressful.  Zach and I planned on going to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in Plano to get our shopping done, but we got a late start on the day and had rush through the stores.  The good thing is I had a list and was able to get almost everything I needed pretty quickly. I was stressed because we were out late and I was worried it was going to make the night go bad for the boys.  Maddox ended up only waking up twice to eat, yes!!

So one goal of mine during this challenge is to try to get most of my meals prepped and ready to go on the weekend.  I wasn’t able to get everything I needed yesterday so that presented somewhat of a challenge today because I couldn’t cook everything I wanted to, but I will finish up with it tomorrow.  I found an awesome blog ( and she basically gives you 3 weeks worth of meal planning and how to’s for getting everything cooked all at once.  She even gave me a shopping list with everything I needed to make the food, score!!  So today for breakfast I just stayed pretty basic:  eggs and smoothie for breakfast, sausage with avocado and salsa and an apple for lunch, and grilled chicken with broccoli and pineapple for dinner.  While both boys napped (seriously guys, stars align when that happens!) I made silky zucchini soup, prepped all my veggies and steamed them in advance, made yummy delicious chicken thighs, and Zach grilled chicken.  Tomorrow I have to go to walmart to get a few more things and then I will make chili, roast, more veggies, spaghetti squash, and sweet potatoes.

My friend Susan (yes, we are twins lol) is also doing the whole 30.  She is actually the one that inspired me to start this journey. She gave me several yummy recipes I am excited about trying and I am sure I will be asking her a lot of questions throughout my journey.

Biggest Challenge of the Day:  We had a game night with the college kids we teach at church tonight and there were seriously SOOOO many yummy things to eat there.  Chips, cake, brownies, sodas, popcorn, etc.  It was very hard to just sit there and drink my water.  Next time I should bring along some fruit or nuts or something so that I can snack on.  It’s funny because it really makes me think about how much we use food to socialize.  Not being able to eat the food there was more upsetting because I couldn’t socialize through the food with everyone and I almost felt a little like an outcast.


The following two pictures are of my cabinet with all the food I bought and what my fridge looks like now.  I should have done a before and after of my refrigerator :).    Cabinet Fridge


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