Whole30 Day 11

Today was hard. Not because of food, but just a long day in general. I’m tired so I’m going to keep it short. I was still able to stay on track due in large part to the prep work I have done beforehand. It’s not easy to make an excuse and cheat when you have tons of good options staring at you in the fridge.

For breakfast I had a smoothie (strawberry/blueberry/blackberry, bananas, coconut milk, coconut oil, and spinach) and scrambled eggs that I added in the leftovers from the Italian pork roast I made last week. It was delicious and Kai loved it too.  For lunch Zach had the leftover meatballs from last night as well as mashed potatoes and cashew soup. I had a chicken sausage cut up with some diced avocado and tomatillo salsa, leftover stir fried green beans from last night, and some cashew soup. For dinner I used my friend Susan’s idea of Mexican hash.  I roasted some potatoes in the oven drizzled with olive and heavily seasoned them with fajita seasoning (cook on 400 for about 15 minutes to get them nice and brown and mushy), browned ground beef and put some homemade taco seasoning on it (http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2012/11/23/misleading-products/), and stir fried some bell peppers and onions in coconut oil.  I put it all together on a plate and topped it with some roasted campfire salsa we found at walmart that is whole30 friendly and very delicious.  I also boiled some kale in the leftover pork broth made from the Italian pork roast.  It was a little bit too salty, but had great flavor.  Kale is definitely a strong tasting vegetable and I personally need something to tame down the taste. I went and ran this evening as I have been doing all week and it was just hard to get through.  It was worse than even my normal plodding haha. The important thing is to keep plodding on though.  Currently I am enjoying some apples and almond butter and it is making the day seem a little bit better :).

Here is to hoping for a better day tomorrow :)!


Whole30 Day 10

I feel asleep on the couch last night and as such, did not update my blog :).  Day 10 was another good day. We are officially 1/3 of the way done.  The last two days have gone pretty well with Zach being gone back to work. He is still able to come home for lunch right now so that definitely makes it easier for him to stay on track.

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs w/avocado and a smoothie.  For smoothies I do several different things. I always add two bananas and about 2 cups of spinach, and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.  From there it varies between adding: 1. pineapple or mango and coconut milk, strawberry/blueberry/blackberry blend and 100% cherry juice (no added sugar), the same strawberry blend and coconut milk, or just whatever other fruit I have on hand.  Technically whole30 is not a huge fan of smoothies. It’s not “technically” against their rules but it’s frowned upon. For our family though, this is what works and helps us to stay on track. It’s a great way to get a serving of spinach in first thing in the morning and it is something easy to make that Kai loves!  For lunch we had salad with chicken thighs, avocado, and tomatillo salsa that Zach made as well as a cup of cashew soup and some fruit.  One of the biggest things that have helped with the plan is making a huge batch of soup that we can eat for lunches. It’s easy, yummy, and a great way to get vegetables in.  Dinner was definitely the highlight of the show again.  I made Moroccan meatballs from http://www.clothesmakethegirl.com and they were so delicious.  I also made a small serving of mashed potatoes with coconut milk and clarified butter and sautéed green beans.  I’m not sure if I already posted about this in another segment, so if I have please forgive me. Melissa Joulwan at http://www.clothesmakethegirl.com has been such a huge help to us on this journey.  Her method of steam/sautéed vegetables has been so helpful.  I will link to what she does at the bottom.  Basically she cuts up her vegetables and steam/sauté’s them and puts them in a container so they are cooked and ready to go.  When you are ready to eat them you just throw them in a pan with a little coconut oil and whatever spices you want (I use her suggestion of salt, pepper, and garlic powder) and bam, you have got an easy delicious vegetable ready to eat.

Now it’s on to Day 11. I’m excited to be halfway done in just a few short days!

Moroccan Meatballs: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/03/05/mmmmm-moroccan-meatballs/

Steam/Sauté veggies: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/10/13/the-secret-of-veggies-steam-saute/


moroccan meatballs

Whole30 Day 9

Zach went back to work today so I had the boys by myself for the first time. The day actually went pretty good and it helps soooo much to have food pre-prepared in the fridge for lunch and dinner.  That has always been one of my biggest stresses is trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything put together.  To just be able to stick it all in the microwave is pretty awesome.  Also, when I woke up this morning I opened the fridge and found it to be nice and cold! I think I probably just overloaded it with too much hot food yesterday and it just couldn’t keep up.  My mother in law brought everything back over this morning and we are back in food business yay!

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with avocado and an apple.  We were fairly limited on what we had in the fridge since at that point we did not have food back. For lunch Zach had cashew soup, chicken thighs, and cabbage. I had chicken salad on lettuce wraps and leftover spaghetti squash.  For dinner we had 5-spice ribs that I cooked in the crockpot.  I wasn’t too sure when they were cooking that I was going to like them, but once we ate them they were actually pretty tasty.  They had a similar taste to the cabbage rolls that you get at a Mediterranean steakhouse.  I would definitely recommend them, but if you don’t like to branch out with different flavors then these probably aren’t for you.  Along with the ribs we had roasted sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus.  I really feel like I’m settling into the days and the routines of cooking this way.  We haven’t ventured out to eat yet and I’m a little nervous about trying that.  Zach’s great aunt turns 90 here soon and we are taking her out to eat this sunday so we will see how that goes.

In the midst of taking care of the boys all day I have no pictures to show you of any of the food we ate. I know you’re so disappointed :).

Here are the recipes for some of the things I mentioned above:

Cashew soup: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/what-to-eat/detox-with-this-spicy-soup-recipe

5-spice slow cooker ribs (I used the country style ribs rather than baby back just because they were cheaper): http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/02/23/5-spice-slow-cooker-pork-ribs/


Whole30 Day 8

What a day! Whew. We got up and went to church and came home to let the boys nap and get cooking for the week before we had to head over to a birthday party. For breakfast we had eggs and smoothies. That seems to be a pretty standard breakfast, but that is also pretty much what we ate before Whole30 anyway so nothing much there has changed.

I just can’t help but feeling impressed with Zach and I.  We got everything all sliced and diced yesterday and we spent 2 hours in the kitchen today and made: chicken thighs, Mexican ground beef, ribs, Moroccan meatballs, steak, cashew soup, spaghetti squash, roasted sweet potatoes, baked russet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, and chicken salad. We were like a well oiled machine. It was extremely helpful that I was able to get both boys napping at the same time so we could devote all of our attention to getting it all done.

We ate lunch (Italian pork roast on salad with yummy homemade tomatillo salsa that Zach made) while we cooked and then we got our swim stuff on and headed over to the party. It worked out perfectly just like I had hoped.  We got there and they were cleaning up from eating lunch so most of the food was already put away and everyone was swimming.

For dinner we definitely splurged tonoight. We bought steaks at Sam’s and grilled them. They were soooo delicious. Nothing really tops a good steak.

So, perfect day……until the refrigerator.  I noticed as I was making dinner that our refrigerator did not seem to be cooling.  Zach checked and also wasn’t sure.  It was kind of cold, but most everything in there was just luke warm.  We waited until after dinner and checked again and it was still the same way.  Since we had just done ALL of this cooking I was panicking to figure out what to do with all of this food that we just cooked. I can 100% tell you I would have gone to Whataburger and bought a hamburger and fries tomorrow if all of that food I just cooked went to waste. Just being real here.  Anyways, HUGE blessing in the fact that my in laws are currently selling their house and the refrigerator at their house was completely empty.  So we packed up our entire fridge and brought it over to their house.  They only live about 4 minutes away so it shouldn’t be extremely convenient for the time being until we can figure out what happened.

I’m excited for the week to start and to see how everything goes now that Zach is back to work and I am by myself with the boys. Maddox turned 2 months today so that means I have had exactly 2 months of constant help.

Here is my fridge before we figured out it wasn’t cooling. I am pretty impressed with the fact that other than a few sauces in the door our refrigerator is completely processed food free:

fridge 2

Here is our dinner tonight (the yellow stuff is roasted spaghetti squash with a little salt, pepper, and ghee), yum yum:


Whole30 Day 7

Yay for the end of a week! Only 3 weeks +2 days left to go. I can already tell that when this is over yes, I will go back to eating some sweets and grains (maybe dairy? I don’t know about that one), but the way I am looking at food is already changing.  Even before we started the whole30 diet we were pretty good about eating whole foods.  We had already cut out most of the processed junk when cooking at home and we don’t keep a lot of processed snacks around the house.  Our biggest problem is going out to eat.  We like to go out to eat and any excuse to not have to cook I will always take.  It’s so relaxing to not have to cook or clean up the kitchen.  Even though this will remain true I hope I continue to stay committed to cooking more than I was previously.

Today overall was  a great day. I got up this morning after I fed Maddox and went for a run.  I haven’t ran in the morning in a long time and I forgot how much I love it.  Nobody is really out yet and it feels like it’s just me and God. I find it so easy to pray during those runs (when I don’t feel like I’m about to die that is :)). When I got back I made scrambled eggs and smoothies for breakfast.  We went to the denton community market and I got to buy quite a bit of local produce that I needed for meals this week and it was very cost friendly.  We came home and had leftover Italian pork roast and green beans for lunch.  For dinner we had “chicken strips” made with almond flour and they were quite tasty.  We just sliced up boneless chicken breasts and put some egg and then dredged them in almond flour that had salt and pepper in it.  I also roasted some cabbage and microwaved an acorn squash.

Tonight Zach and I had a slicing and dicing party.  We put on a movie after the boys went to sleep and we cut up all of the vegetables that I will be needing for my cooking day tomorrow.  Yall, my husband is the most amazing person ever. I told him about the slicing and dicing party I wanted to have and he just asked for a knife and a cutting board and went to work.  Now I’m all ready to get my cooking on tomorrow!

We do have a birthday party to go to for one of the coach’s daughters that Zach works with.  It will be fun, but of course there will be food that we can’t eat.  We plan on just coming home and letting the boys nap and eating lunch before we go.  By that point the party should be going and people should be swimming so we can just jump in the pool and bypass all the enticing food.


Here is Zach working hard to slice and dice everything:

dicing vegetables

Whole30 Day 6

Almost to a week! We are 1/5 done yay! Things continue to go pretty well.  Today was about the same as yesterday. I felt pretty good, didn’t have any huge cravings.  I did crave Sprite a few times today which I haven’t really craved that at all since we started.  I got a couple of good recipes to try out for next week.  My friend Susan and I are going to double one of our recipes and share this coming week since we’re both doing whole30 and that is one less meal to try to come up with.  Yay for friends to help lighten the load.

I’m excited about my next big cooking day coming up.  I’m headed to the Denton Community Market to try to find some fresh, local produce and then will go to Sam’s, Walmart, and Natural Grocers to get the rest of my stuff.  I’m hoping to find most of what I need at the market.  We are going to a birthday party on Sunday, but it’s at 1 so we will probably just eat lunch real quick at home after church and then head over and enjoy some pool time and fellowship. After that I plan on cooking up as much as I can for the week.  Zach goes back to work next week and I will be flying solo with the boys so I know the more preparation I can do in advance the better chance I have of succeeding.

For breakfast I had left over turkey sausage from a couple of days ago along with a smoothie. Lunch was chicken salad again (canned chicken, grapes, homemade mayo, mustard, and walnuts) and small salad with avocado, macadamia nut oil, and balsamic vinegar.  Dinner was definitely the star of the show.  I made an Italian pork roast that was fall off the bone tender.  Seriously, look at the picture below. I literally pulled the bone out of the crockpot clean as a whistle.  It made SO much meat that we have plenty for lunch the next couple of days as well as dinner again next week. I also made mashed potatoes with clarified butter and coconut milk and they were really good and our vegetable was green beans.

I’m not holding my breath just yet that it will continue or that it is part of the diet, but the last two nights Zach has not snored at all! He isn’t really a huge snorer unless he is lying on his back, but when I got up to feed Maddox I looked over and saw he was lying flat on his back and wasn’t snoring! Yay for seeing noticeable positives.  I can also tell that I am feeling so much better.  I have been running every day and the last two days I have “ran” 2 miles.  I say “ran” because it is more like plodding as I shuffle one foot under the other.  My shuffling is so bad that I almost tripped when I went over the small bumps in the sidewalk haha.

Biggest Challenge of the Day: My craving for sprite was probably the biggest challenge.  I went and drank some water and it went away for the most part after that.  Sometimes I know I’m just thirsty and water will satisfy me, but I want pop instead.

I’m excited for week 2 to start :)!!

Here is the recipe for the Italian pork roast pictured below: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/10/16/slow-cooker-italian-pork-roast/

bone italina pork roast

Whole30 Day 5

Today was a good day! Like really good.  I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things.  I wasn’t tired, I didn’t have a headache, and I actually went from lunch to dinner without even thinking about needing a snack (so of course I will reward myself now with some apples and almond butter :)).

For breakfast I made scrambled eggs and added some avocado and chalula.  For lunch I had a salad with grilled chicken and avocado and a cup of silky zucchini soup.  I have found the most amazing salad dressing that I will probably continue to use even after whole 30.  Zach ordered some macadamia nut oil to try to make the mayonnaise with and we have some left over so I used that and a little balsamic vinegar and it was so delicious.  The oil gave it that extra little nutty flavor that I love.  For dinner we had chicken fajitas (I actually made them in a cast iron skillet so it almost felt like restaurant quality haha) and homemade guacamole and we used the delicious salsa especial from Trader Joe’s.  We put the fajitas on romaine hearts and I was actually surprised by how I did not really miss tortillas at all.  We also had pineapple and roasted brussel sprouts (see picture below).

We took the boys to the pool today with our friends that are also doing the whole 30 and I am very encouraged because they are on day 13 and I can tell it’s really making a big difference in their lives and it is getting so much easier for them.  I know this journey is worth it and I am supremely committed to completing it.  I really appreciate all the love and support I’ve been getting from you guys throughout this journey.

Biggest Challenge of the Day:  Today was actually really good and I didn’t feel like I had any super big challenges. The biggest challenge would probably be that it is especially hard trying to stay on top of keeping vegetables chopped up and knowing what we are going to have for dinner.  I spend a lot of time chopping up food!

Next week I will try to branch out a little more on the recipes.  Hoping I don’t fall flat on my face with some of them because this momma does not have time to try to make a second dinner if the first does not turn out good.fajitas

Oh, and just for your enjoyment.  I totally forgot yesterday, but I meant to share this video because this is exactly how I felt!